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Start operation in Cebu, Philippines

Start your operation right away with readily-equipped workstations at one of the country’s finest facilities and get the chance to work in the world’s 7th growing outsourcing destination: Cebu.

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Our talents include professionals with years of experience and employees with specializations.


Established social and financial infrastructures enable smooth business transactions and consistent daily operations.



As one of the highest quality outsourcing companies in the Philippines, we help you optimize your recruitment flow and ensure that you get the best employees to render their services to you whether your enterprise is big or small. When you outsource staffing, your process of recruiting highly qualified support teams is quick and simple.


At BPO Seat Leasing, we understand that time is valuable. We strive to work efficiently while maintaining a high standard.

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We offer a technologically advanced facility, quality equipment and most importantly the best agents that are dedicated to providing superior customer experiences for your company.

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Competitive pricing is what makes us stand out. At BPO Seat Leasing, we offer reliable customer experience solutions

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Humanized Service

Great facilities on hand to jumpstart business

Based in Cebu, Philippines, BPO Seat Leasing strives to offer an exclusive and vibrant environment for our clients. From plug-and-play workstations to fully equipped office space, we make sure the setup is easy and fast for clients to start operations right away without headache. Our seat leasing service is available at most affordable rates around.

Plug-and-Play Workstations

We pride ourselves as having the most convenient seat leasing option to offer you and your staff: plug-and-play workstations for easy deployment, brand new PC’s, LED/LCD monitors, and professional, comfy seats.

Modern and Professional Facilities

We have one of the finest accredited facilities in Cebu. We do offer exclusive offices for clients who want to have private space to operate in. Along with our seat leasing package, we allow free use of conference rooms, interview rooms, boardroom, training room, pantry, and clinic.

Fast and Reliable Internet Connection

We use fiber optic internet connections to ensure fast and smooth transaction among all your operations. We always stick with the biggest and most reliable internet providers to ensure zero downtime.

Robust IT and Technical Support

We know how important and critical every operation is for you. Thus, we place 24/7 IT staff on hand for sudden downtime issues or should you and your staff need techy support.

Excellent Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is built for efficient productivity and comfort among your staff with fully air-conditioned rooms, CCTV cameras for 24/7 security, and daily sanitary maintenance.

Better Location

Our office is located in one of highly urbanized places in Cebu – accessible both via taxi and jeepney transit. There also stood amenities on site like banks, coffee shop, restaurant, stores, pharmacies, and fast food chains provided by other tenants.

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